Theta Drum® Three Layers Ocean Drum Ocean Drum. It’s a new generation instrument made in
Italy, as a result of lots of research and produced by the artisans of Terredaria in a sustainable and ecological way.
It is the ideal instrument for anyone trying to get relief from stress and tension and for reaching deeper levels of meditation.
This instrument has been inspired by the sounds of the Mediterranean Sea. Its incredibly natural and evocative sound is inspired by the tidal waves of the ocean. accurately creates the flow and downflow dynamics of the waves
The Theta Drum’s three transparent skins are stretched on the same drum and contain little spheres of different sizes. When gently tilted the drum produces two different frequency sounds like the waves of the sea: a trhee-dimensional sound that has never been achieved by any instrument of this kind.
The wooden frame is pleasant to the touch, and it feels smooth and natural, as it absorbs the impact of the spheres colliding against the frame.

  • 2 series of spheres of different size and material for a sensitive and dynamic sound
  • The innovative and ecological assembly and tensioning system used for the skins eliminates completely the need to use or dispose of toxic chemicals.
  • The grip is very comfortable thanks to the 28 mm thick frame that makes the instrument suitable for little children and disabled people.
  • The frame is made of certified poplar and birch wood, which makes the instrument safe, light, warm and very pleasant to the touch as well as easy to transport.
  • The 3 skins made of Mylar  are transparent to provide hypnotic and relaxing visual effects

Thanks to its innovative features Theta Drum® is an instrument that can be used by anyone in several contexts:

  • √ Meditation
  • √ Sound Massage
  • √ Relaxation and Lullaby
  • √ Music therapy
  • √ Gong baths
  • √ Arts and creativity
  • √ Yoga
  • √ Holistic therapies based on sound
  • √ Psycho-motor rehabilitation
  • √ Background sound during child delivery and pregnancies

In order to create Theta Drum® we have used materials and techniques to maximise performance and minimise environmental impact.

We don’t use animal skin but synthetic ones instead. The skins are placed on the drum with an original and innovative eco-friendly system that eliminates the use of toxic chemicals.

Unlike most similar products (that utilise a drum shell made of composite materials and epoxy wood-resins) the Theta Drum stem is made of certified multilayered vinyl wood: the internal rings are made of poplar in order to make the drum light and the external rings are made of birch in order to be more shock resistant and to last longer. The paints used to finish the Theta Drum® are non-toxic and water based.

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