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Our Passion. Our work.

Theta Drum® is a new drum and achievement in Italian research and design. It draws inspiration from the sounds of the Mediterranean Sea, full of unique nuances. The three taut drumheads attached to the same shell have spheres of various dimensions. Whenever you tilt the drum gently, they produce different frequency bands and a three-dimensional sound unfamiliar to the other similar instruments. The simultaneous movement of the spheres creates relaxing atmospheres, which get you into deep moments of meditation. As you beat the Theta Drum®, it emites a very low sound enhanced by the vibration of the internal balls. Furthermore, its maximum thickness of 3 centimetres allows a comfortable grip for everyone, and this is possible thanks to the drumhead traction technology, which doesn’t involve any use of chemical solvents. The drum shell is made of poplar and birch wood and it’s varnished with non-toxic products.